When is The Best Time to Visit Cancun


Cancun, in Quintana Roo in the southeast part of Mexico with white sand beaches, natural beauties, archeological sites, and numerous things to do all year, is arguably one of the favorite spots for tourists from all over the world. To begin, let us just state that any time really is a good time to visit Cancun; nevertheless, based on your interests, we will help you choose when is the best time to visit Cancun.

How is The Weather in Cancun?

Although Cancun’s climate is tropical and mostly warm like any other climate is pretty unpredictable. Cancun’s weather cannot be forecasted more than a week in advance, but knowing what to expect during the different seasons will help you make the most of your trip to this paradise. Cancun receives a lot of rain throughout different seasons of the year, however, rain does not mean your beach day will be spoiled, almost every time a brief, heavy rain is followed by hours of sunlight.

In general, the best time to visit Cancun is between December and March, when daytime temperatures are more controlled. However, keep in mind that most tourists will think the same as you, so in high season you will not only experience hot heat in the spring season but also the heat of struggling to acquire a reservation.

Visit During The Most Enjoyable Temperature in Cancun Mexico

Many tourists travel from places where winter is quite chilly, hoping to take a break and enjoy the lovely location and pleasant weather of the Mexican Caribbean. Here we’ll share which exactly are the best seasons, our recommendations, and when is best to seek some indoor activities. Cancun has a semi-tropical climate, and although the climate is generally similar throughout the year, keep in mind that Cancun has two seasons: the wet season, which is slightly warmer, and the dry season, which is colder due to the winds.

December to April are probably the best months to visit Cancun since the weather is considerably due that the humidity being low, and you can enjoy the sun better.  The only drawback is that because it is the best time to visit Cancun, many take advantage of these dates and come visit Cancun, making the prices go higher and there will be a lot of people. But, if you enjoy true heat and are looking for the perfect tan, the months from May to August are great months for you to come to visit, nevertheless, be aware that humidity levels begin to rise and temperatures can exceed 33°F. The good part is that the high season is over, so it’s more affordable.

Lastly, a season not so recommended is from September to November, especially if you come from London or a very rainy place because at the beginning of this season, conditions are more humid and there are many more chances of storms and hurricanes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things to do in Cancun no matter when you’re visiting.

When is The Cancun High Season?

The highest season in Cancun is probably during Easter week, the first vacation period of the year and varies from year to year. These are dates that families take advantage of to go on vacation. When Easter week starts, the big cities are empty and long queues form at the toll booths, meaning that if you’re traveling on the road, you’ll probably find yourself stuck on a huge infinite line of cars under the hot summer air, and the queues won’t finish there, you might want to get ready for the queues on the different Cancun attractions. Nevertheless, not everything is bad, since lots of people come from all around the world, and many Mexicans decide to visit the Caribbean sea, this can be a great chance of making some new friends, plus, if you’re looking for the perfect tan, you’ll definitely achieve it.

But, if you come to Cancun after Easter, up until June during spring, you’ll definitely have a great time, not only because tourism is a little lower and you’ll be treated like a king….but also because different companies of course want to keep a full year-round schedule, which is why most travel agencies in Cancun offer promotions such as free hotel nights, preferential rates, free breakfasts, and other special offers that are way better to the ones offered in high season.

Nevertheless, no matter during what season you believe is the best season to visit Cancun, remember that it is best to schedule in advance so that upon arrival you prevent unwanted surprises such as “sorry, but we have no rooms left”.