Holbox Golf Car Rentals

Holbox Golf Car Rental
Holbox Golf Car Rental

Holbox Golf Car Rental: The Way to Move

Oneof the best ways to move in the island is Holbox Golf Car Rental. Until recently, access to Holbox has improved and it is easier to get to the island. Before, it was very difficult. What does not change is that it is still an island, with no streets that when it rains it is impossible to use a cart. Also, you must know that the island can be explored by bicycle due to its small size. But you have to agree with me that driving a cart on an island is a must.

The golf car is the best option if you are looking for a relaxed trip. It is certainly a good and faster option than a bicycle. Although, I personally prefer to rent a bicycle. But, if you are prone to heat, the cart is an excellent option. If you do not have problems, and you are more adventurous or your budget is lower, a bicycle can be a very good option.

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Where to Rent the Golf Cart

First, you need to find a golf cart rental in Holbox. It’s very simple. They are everywhere! Literally everywhere. From the moment you leave the ferry, there will be a little bell and you will receive offers to rent a golf car or a 4×4. Sellers will try to sell you fishing and snorkeling excursions, crafts, tequila, or rent a vehicle.

Just rent it where you feel most comfortable. Generally, all rental companies have the same price in Holbox. And generally, negotiating does not work but it can be used for certain services and tour purchases.

Holbox Golf Cart Rental Price

It’s all about the money money money…

Although prices are almost the same for all golf cart rentals, prices may vary seasonally. I also want to mention that be careful with online rentals. I have found many sites that handle extremely expensive rents.

View from a Golf Cart in Holbox
View from a Golf Cart in Holbox

Rent per hour

Little time? No problem, you can rent your car for a couple of hours. It could be more expensive if you’re not careful. The price range is around $25 USD per 2 hours or $500 pesos. They don’t rent for only one hour.

8 am to 8 pm Rental

The most valuable rental. As you can have the golf cart for the whole day and just give the car back when you are going back to the ferry. This in case you are visiting the island for one day. The price is $60 dollars or $1200 Mexican pesos.

24 hour Rental

This is an option too. Very useful if you are going to stay a few nights and want to explore every corner of Holbox. You will definitely need your own golf cart to do it. The price is around $85 USD or $1700 pesos.


Finally, don’t forget to bring your driver’s license. You will not be able to rent the golf cart without it. They are very strict because the insurance would not respond in the event of an accident.

I leave you the rules that are on the island so that you do not trust yourself:

  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Drive carefully in the center, many people walk
  • Don’t jump out of the moving car
  • Enjoy it a lot!

If you are left with doubts about what the Golf Cart Rental is like in Holbox, you can always ask the islanders.

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