What to Eat in Munich

What to Eat in Munich
What to Eat in Munich? Schwein Bratten is my favorite!

It is not very hard to choose what to eat in Munich, as Bavaria (the region where Munich is located) has the most delicious food I personally tried in all Germany. Before I start with this guide, I want to note that pictures might not look delicious, but I have to say that those dishes are outstanding.

My Guide To Choose Food and What to Eat in Munich

For sure, there are many dishes that you can find all over Germany and even around Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. However, Munich or Bavaria itself has pleasant local food.

Weißwurst with sweet mustard


If you like famous German Bratwurst, you must try the Bavarian Weißwurst. It is a softer white sausage with a lot of spices. This dish is mainly used for breakfast with a side pretzel and orange juice. Or even better, Weißbier (Wheat beer).

What to Eat in Munich
What to Eat in Munich? Schweinebraten is my favorite!

3Schweinebraten and Schnitzel

Both, Schweinebraten and Schnitzel are pork prepared differently. Schnitzel is breaded pork. It is originally from Wien. Nevertheless, Germans have made their own recipe. Schweinebraten, on the other side, is a fried and soft pork


It is a type of spicy sauce with pork meat, and it is also served as soup sometimes. It is very exquisite. But, I’d like to note that this dish comes from eastern Europe, so there are some spices that are not in this dish.



Weissbier is a beer made out of wheat. Mainly, people from the south drink it. And it is very nutritive, so you can have it for breakfast.

I recommend you to visit Restaurant Atzinger. It is delicious, low-priced and very close to the city center. Also, it is located in very hip area, close to bars. So you can eat and drink there before you go to the party. Look for Google information here or book on their official website here.

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