How to dress for Snow

Mexican guy posing on a hill full of snow in Goslar Germany
How to dress for Snow

On the last vacation, I decided to go to Europe during the winter and my first question was how to dress for the snow. I am originally from Cancun. A city in the Mexican Caribbean on the Yucatan Peninsula. So if you are here, you are surely in a similar situation to mine.

The first thing we have to separate is clothing to withstand the snow or ski clothing. Anyway, it is very easy to get to your destination and ask. Or, go to a store like Decathlon and buy everything there.

However, if you think like me, perhaps you are looking for the following.

Alternative Clothes for Snow

The first thing is to make it clear that this alternative is for snow up to -5 degrees. I speak of western Europe. In the Nordic countries it will be necessary for you to wear specialized clothing. So here are the tips.

Thermal Clothing

Buy thermal clothing. It is very cheap and makes a lot of difference. You can find the thermal pants and shirts from $2. In Mexico, they cost me 49 Mexican pesos. These are the most important garments since they are the ones that will keep us warm.


It is true that there are snow pants. However, if you wear thermals, denim pants work perfectly.

Upper Clothing

Covering the torso is very important. So I recommend wearing a base thermal, pullover, or warm sweater. Above is a waterproof jacket. As thick as possible. The most important thing is that it is waterproof.


Footwear should not be special for snow. But I recommend the leather ones. Make it artificial. They do not need to be expensive. I used PANAM. 100% Mexican brand that surprised me. Because generally if you wear tennis shoes, once they get wet and freeze again, they break. But these are still with me to date. I want to think that it depends on the quality. Below, she wears padded socks.


The most important thing to my liking are the accessories. I did not take them into account, but they are the difference between being comfortable or not. Find waterproof gloves so you can treat the snow. But also look for some wool or yarn so you can change them when you rest.

The hat is essential. No matter that he is thin, the idea is to be able to cover his ears and forehead, which suffer a lot.

Finally, the scarf. A good scarf is a big difference. You can cover many areas of the face and it helps cover the chest.

A personal recommendation for your snow wear

I recommend you bring a change of socks. Being in the snow, what remains on your clothes melts and wets it. I had no problems other than with socks. I hope you have a great time and these tips will help you.

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