The Best Way to Move within a German City

The Best Way to Move within a German City
Bicycle within a German street

Germany is known for its infrastructure and transportation system. However, it might be sometimes expensive. That’s why we always relate and ask What’s The Best Way to Move within a German City. If this is your case, this article might be very interesting for you.

The Bicycle is The best way to Move within a German City

In my opinion, the bicycle is the cheapest and the most comfortable transportation method. As simple as that. I know that from this statement a lot of questions have come to your mind. The same I had at the beginning. I will try to answer them here.

How to get a bike as a tourist or foreigner

Most of the touristic German Cities have bicycle rental spots. Most of them inside hotels and hostels. But, some cities even have bikes on the streets with the option to make an account with your credit/debit card and rent the bike per half an hour with a small, single payment. You spend less than a Euro each ride.

If you are staying longer, you can even buy it! Germans use eBay to sell and buy things in person. So you can meet with the seller to check the bike and buy it on cash. My girlfriend bought me one for 30 euros! A good one by the way.

Benefits of having a bicycle in Germany

Why Bicycle is Better compared to a Train/bus

Each bicycle ride most be around 15 minutes, but compared to a train, bus, or metro ride, you won’t be paying 4 Euros each small ride. Of course, there is an option to pay a full-day pass. But you will be attached to the schedules and the stations. On the other hand, the bike will leave you at the door of the place that you want to reach.

Sightseeing all the Way

You will always be able to see the city as no one else. Different from the trains and buses, you are never able to see the surroundings. Riding a bike will make you find places that you will never find on the web or by public transportation.


You must follow the transit rules. Although bicycles are a priority, you need to learn what is forbidden. Germans take the law very seriously.

It’s not very hard. Only follow the lines on the street and ride in the same direction as the cars. That’s all you need to know.

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