Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Cancun [2023]

It is true, I am not vegan. However good cuisine is good cuisine no matter the ingredients. That's why I always visit different types of restaurants in order to satisfy my taste buds. And I came up to make this Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Cancun to actually help vegan people to find good places to eat in Cancun.

Vegan Restaurants in Cancun

It is well known that eating a healthy plant-based diet not only has several health benefits but also has a positive impact on the Earth’s health. That’s why every day there are more people becoming vegan. In Mexico, we are trying to adopt it, and there are very good restaurants. That’s why I made the Top 4 Vegan Restaurants in Cancun.

But before I start with the list I’d like to recommend you Cancun Food Tours. They offer amazing gastronomic tours like a cooking class, and a taco tour, among others, where they actually offer vegan and vegetarian options in all their tours, plus great cancellation policies.

So, getting back on track, it’s time to rate the best Cancun Vegan Restaurants, where I relied only on their flavor and general experience.

Sirena Morena: My personal favorite vegan restaurant in Cancun

Sirena Morena is more than just a regular vegan restaurant, it is also an Eco Shop. Their dishes and products are 100% organic, and local. They created a peaceful healthy environment that welcomes everyone who visits, with a completely natural ingredients menu. They have meals for all vegetarian and vegan fellows. All their menu is very, VERY tasty and varied. They have healthy juices, bowls, natural energy shots, and all kinds of pasta, burgers, and even pozole! What I love the most about Sirena Morena is that it is a zero-waste restaurant with a very complete store with natural products for personal care, accessories, and healthy cooking ingredients.

Even more, they like to promote environmental awareness, so if you don’t know what to do with all you’re bottles of dish soap, shampoo, or just your water bottle and other kinds of waste, you can bring your separate inorganic waste here!

If you visit it anytime due to my recommendation, please send greetings to “La Tía Bruji (Lah tee-ah Broo-hee)”. That’s the best way to thank me for the information.

Bao Vegan Cancun, great vegan food in Cancun

If you’re hungry and are looking for a cozy and delicious place, you should definitely visit this restaurant on Sunyachen av. This place might not be as big as other establishments, but the seasoning and the love they put into their dishes are something all their regular customers appreciate. If what you’re craving is something that will leave you completely full, you definitely have to try their generous pesto pasta or the perfectly crafted Baovegan pizza. And if you’re having a bit of a sweet tooth, customers totally recommend trying their sweet bread with a hot steaming coffee.

Herbívoro, made by Vegans in Cancun

This restaurant just opened in 2022. This modern place is probably one of the best vegan restaurants in Cancun you could choose from. You’ll find some delicious and known choices like nuggets, hot dogs, enchiladas, tacos, pizza, and so many different kinds of cakes.  And to refresh, you surely have to try the cherry almond smoothie, it is to die for. Something that defines this place is that they put so much effort into bringing the best ingredients, all their veggies are fresh and crisp; mix that with the authenticity of the flavors and you have an unforgettable vegan meal.

Dharma Vegetariano a local restaurant in Cancun

On Piña street (a vegan restaurant on a street called pineapple, ain’t that cute?), you’ll find a very cozy and lovely local restaurant that has all kinds of vegan food, prepared with fresh ingredients and with the most important seasoning of all: “Love”. Here you’ll find a great variety of 100% vegan dishes, with a lot of detail on the seasoning, idyllic for vegan and non-vegan foodies.
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