Distrito Cavana Cancun

Distrito Cavana Cancun
Distrito Cavana in Cancun Center

Distrito Cavana Cancun is one of the most recognized clubs in Cancun for locals. Many clubs from this genre have gone to the bankrupt due to bad location and low-quality standards. “DC” is not recognized for its excellent quality, or its “hard to get in” entrance, but it is, certainly, a good place, latin, and, that does not break your pockets. I would say you get what you pay for. However, I write 5 important things to know about this nightclub.

5 Things You Should Know About Distrito Cavana Cancun

The first thing I want to make clear is that every day is special and has its own prices and recommendations. I hope they help you.

1Distrito Cavana Prices

Prices are set and do not change unless you are a woman. I will talk about that later. However, the price of the cover or entrance for men is $ 250 pesos. But the cover price includes open bar, all you can drink. You do not drink? Check point 4. I have seen that tourists are charged in a different way, $25 USD.

2Thursday of Distrito or Ladies Night

Thursday is a special day. Women pay $50 pesos for admission on Thursday. It includes the open bar, everything they can take. Generally, Thursday has a good atmosphere, but on vacation or on the payday week, it can be very crowded. So, if you don’t have a trusted “RP”, I recommend you arrive early. The doors open at 10:30 p.m.

3Fridays and Saturdays of Distrito Cavana

On Fridays and Saturdays, women pay $150 pesos and men $ 250 as usual. The good thing about these days is that it is an open bar with bottle service. Also, if you want to improve the quality, you can bring your own bottles into the nightclub. Sometimes there are different promotions. It would be nice to follow their social networks.

4Designated, resigned, sober drivers

If you are driving, arrive at the ticket office and mention you are driving, and leave your car keys in storage. You must pay the corresponding entry. Once the night is over, you go to pick up your keys. They will do a breathalyzer test. If you pass it, your keys are returned with your money. It also works like this in Coco Bongo.

5Distrito Cavana Cancun location

Distrito Cavana Cancun is one of the cheapest and well-located clubs in Cancun. It is located in the city center, right in front of Plaza Las Americas. Check it in the Map here. Do not expect anything extravagant other than reggaeton, grinding and a lot of alcohol. There are other nightclubs you can visit in Cancun.

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distrito-cavana-cancunDistrito Cavana Cancun is a pretty ugly place. It is like a basement but it is located in the very center of Cancun. An outstanding area. The party is great. So it is up to you to go or not.