How to go from Cancun to Holbox

How to go from Cancun to Holbox
About to pass Kantuninkil's arc on the way to Chiquila Port to go to Holbox

How to get from Cancun to Holbox, a question that has constantly been asked, more frequently due to the popularity that the destination has gained over the last years. Now is very easy to get there.

How to go from Cancun to Holbox by Car

We well know that the easiest way to get around is by car. The Cancun Holbox highway is in very good condition and has been repaired due to the same boom that the island has been taking. So don’t be afraid to rent a car. This option is a good idea if you go for a short time and with a group, otherwise, it will be much more expensive.


There are two ways to go from Cancun, by the toll road or the free one. It is a waste of money since the booth from Cancun to Holbox costs $107 Mexican pesos, but it takes the same time to go free. Besides that, you can find cenotes, see towns and I like to go to the free road better.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. In a compact car, you will spend around $ 250 Mexican pesos in one lap. If you go on the paid highway, it is as simple as taking the Cancún-Mérida toll road and follow the signs for Chiquilá-Holbox. Those $ 107 pesos go only in signals.

If on the other hand, you take the free road to Holbox, it is only a matter of taking the free road from Cancun to Mérida. When you get to the town of Nuevo Valladolid take the intersection on the right. Once at the bottom again to the right. You will pass through Kantunilkin and Solferino, but it is a direct line to Chiquilá, the port where you will take the Ferry to Holbox.


I understand that going by car sounds very cheap and perfect, but they did not count that you must pay parking in Chiquilá. Parking in Chiquila costs $100 Mexican pesos per day. And it is not recommended to leave it in another place since the town lives in parking lots. So do your sums.

How to go from Cancun to Holbox by Bus

The buses leave from the ADO, which is on Avenida Tulum with Uxmal. They cost $ 270 Mexican pesos, a single trip. There is no great science. You buy your ticket, you fall asleep, you arrive in Chiquilá and you buy your ferry crossing to Holbox.

The journey to Holbox by truck takes a little more than 3 hours. And you can buy them on the official ADO site or on Clickbus.

Once you arrived at the Island, you surely heard of renting a Golf cart. Read More Here.

But, whatever your way to Holbox, take your precautions and follow me in my social media.