The City Cancun

The City Cancun at SpringBreak
The City Cancun at SpringBreak

The City Cancun is the largest disco in Latin America! There is not much more to say. But following old lessons of size is not what matters, The City does a good job.

The Monstrous The City Cancun

Without a doubt, size is not everything. This mega disco has three floors that lead to the main stage. It has an impressive light and sound system. It has usually electronic music going on. Unless they are special events, it will be electronic.

However, The City has world-class events with rappers, reggaetoneros and more. Generally during the spring break and the Paisan Break. But it only opens on Friday!

Prices of Tickets and Reservations

The City Cancun Blonde
Sarita at the Four Loko event at The City Cancun

The prices of the disco are varied depending on where you buy it. Buying it directly at the hotel or at the entrance of the disco is the most expensive at $ 75USD. Then they go down, online at $ 70- $ 65USD. But you can find from $55USD in or Besides being cheaper, they give you a reserved table at no extra cost. Groups larger than 4 are given a free welcome bottle. And groups larger than 8 people are given one-way transportation to the disco for free. Of course, it is the entrance with an open bar or unlimited drinks.

There is always the idea that it is better to enter free and consume inside. But, in truth, there is no free entry. Only the cover costs $ 35usd. The drinks cost $ 10 each. I recommend buying the open bar.

The City Cancun Cage
Daniel Orrante in a cage at The City Cancun

NightClub Location

It is located in Cancun Party Center or better known as Forum. It is located at Km. 9.5 of the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

The City Cancun Dress Code

There is no dress code in The City Cancun. You can go as you want. I recommend you wear comfortable clothes because there are too many people. In one of those, you lock yourself in a cage to get a couple.

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