Barba Negra Holbox

Barba Negra Hobox tacos
Barba Negra Hobox tacos

Barba Negra Holbox: Seafood Snacks

Many times, when we are on vacation we do not know where to eat. Barba Negra Holbox is a tiny and “hidden” restaurant on the island of Holbox. They serve snacks like delicious tacos and tostadas. Have you been there?

If you do not know this place, let me tell you that it is an excellent option in case you want to have a fresh meal, in a cozy place and after a hangover. In Mexican Spanish we call it “la cruda”. Literal translation meaning is to be raw. If you ask why you would be hungover in Holbox, you should take a tour through my articles of bars and parties in Holbox.

Food and Drinks Barba Negra

The dishes are not so varied. They use the same ingredients in different presentations. However, they are very good. As long as they go for the snacks. Come on, tacos and tostadas. Al ajillo in all its presentations is exquisite.

Ceviche Barba Negra Holbox
Ceviche Barba Negra Holbox

We tried the ceviche. It looked very colorful and had pieces of solid fish and very generous portions. But the flavor left a lot to be desired. Unless you are a person who prefers extremely acid flavors.

So, why would you rate this establishment so well? The tacos. The tacos are wonderful. Personally, octopus and shrimp a la diabla are impressive. They have a delicious flavor that made me unable to stop eating and keep ordering for more.


The prices are not high. I thought they were pretty good in relation to the portions and the quality of the dishes. The truth is that Barba Negra Holbox is a very small place, in which, luckily there were not many people, otherwise, for the space available, my opinion could have been quite different.
I leave some photos of the menu so that you have an idea of what is offered.

Menu Barba Negra 1
Menu Barba Negra 1
Menu Barba Negra 2
Menu Barba Negra 2

If you are in Holbox and meets your needs and tastes, take a closer look. You’ll like it.

My Review
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barba-negra-holboxIt is very delicious and the service very pleasant. However, space can be a problem. Do not worry. You are on an Island and what should matter most is the food experience in Barba Negra Holbox