Marquesitas in Holbox

Marquesitas Cart in Holbox
Mr. Marquesito with his Cart of Marquesitas in Holbox with Bananas, Cheese and the ingredients to prepare them

Holbox is literally a small town. At night the park is filled with food carts. Of course, you should not leave the opportunity to try some Marquesitas in Holbox.

Despite the fact that Holbox is best known for its lobster pizza, I recommend that you should have a marquesita, and walk along the beach or just stroll in the park.

Let’s all eat Marquesitas in Holbox

Marquesitas are a kind of crispy toasted crepe that is originally filled with Dutch cheese, queso de bola as we call it in Mexico. Which by the way is my favorite.

Marquesitas in Holbox
Daniel Orrante, Me, eating a Marquesita

You can always ask your marquesita with Nutella. Also combine it with everything you want. They have plenty and different fruits in the cart, which you can choose from. I also love the combination of cream cheese, Nutella, queso de bola and mango. Yes, you can call me fat.

It is true that you can find marquesitas in Cancun, Merida, and practically everywhere in the Yucatan Peninsula. However, in Holbox, there are fewer and fewer truly local places. And these carts are one of the few things left that are kept real.

I hope you will give yourselves a chance to try the marquesitas in Holbox and share your experience on my social networks!