The Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun

The Best Snorkeling in Cancun
Me and my girlfriend enjoying the best snorkeling tour in cancun

Thinking about Cancun is thinking about relaxing by the beach. But Cancun is also full of history with the Mayans, and a lot of wildlife, in the ground and in the ocean. So in this article, I will write about The Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun!

All about The Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun

The snorkeling trips in Cancun have been coming more commercial with the time. And there are some tours that offer snorkeling, food, and even visits to Isla Mujeres. These are great options if you are looking to do as many things as possible. I also wrote about the All-Inclusive Tour to Isla Mujeres where there is actually some snorkeling too.

Snorkeling Tour Check-in
My girlfriend happy about making the Check-in at the Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun

However, The Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun in my eyes is the one that you can actually swim with wildlife and appreciate nature. I went with my girlfriend to a 4 in 1 Snorkeling Tour. 4 Stops in 1 snorkeling tour that was actually amazing.

They have super nice restrooms with lockers and fresh towels included. So you can be super relaxed from the beginning. Here is the moment where you try your equipment and you can actually swim and test everything at the shore.

The stops are the next:

Super Colorful Coral Reef

The marina is like a 5-minute ride from the shore. Super close. You jump and you are immediately in a totally different world. Most of the fish are super small but there are full of bright colors. The water is totally transparent, just like a swimming pool. Actually, it is almost as deep as a swimming pool. That means very shallow and warm water.

Super Colorful Coral reef in Cancun
My girlfriend swimming at a Super Colorful Coral reef in Cancun

Swimming with the Turtles

They bring you to an open grass field. You actually see nothing but grass. Underwater grass. It looks amazing, but a little disappointing, until you see a turtle.

Honestly, there is this destination called Akumal, which is turning very famous because you can swim with the turtles. It is almost a 3-hours drive from Cancun, which makes no sense because there are turtles in Cancun. I actually didn’t know that until this tour.

Bring your camera, the guides really help you to take these shots.

Snorkeling with Turtles in Cancun
My Girlfriend and I snorkeling with a turtle in Cancun

Underwater Museum

In Mexico, Cancun and Isla Mujeres were built an underwater museum in order to protect underwater species. This tour takes you to the museum in Cancun. What will you see there? Sculptures underwater with fish swimming around. That means, mindblown.

I have no good photo of the MUSA, but here is an underwater selfie.

Total Snorkel Cancun


In the furthest place of Cancun’s Coral Reef, there is Shipwreck full of life. And this tour brings you there. It is amazing, totally amazing. As you can see I am not a professional photographer but I can say, I made them myself.

Shipwreck Snorkeling Cancun
Photo of the Shipwreck in Cancun


The Best Snorkeling Tour in Cancun Price

This amazing tour’s price is $65 USD per person. It includes everything so you must worry about nothing. They actually even pick you up from your hotel. In this case, I went by car, but you can totally arrange transportation for free when you book.

The tour is only with other few people and it is totally personalized. You can book this tour with Captain Whale Shark. That actually if you like these types of activities you should take a look at the Whale Shark Season in Cancun, to swim with these giant creatures.

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