Bug and Insect Museum Queretaro

Bug and Insect Museum Queretaro
Entrance to the Bug and Insect Museum Queretaro

The Museum of Bugs and Insects in Querétaro is a very good option to carry out a different activity in the center of the city. We stayed in a small local hotel, El Serafín and we wanted to visit museums. And we end up coming here. That was a beautiful surprise.

Information and Recommendations of the Museum of Bugs and Insects Queretaro

We arrived at this museum since we wanted to attend different places. We also visit the La Zacatecana museum. We also made this decision based on location. On Avenida Luis Pasteur almost on the corner with independence. I leave the Google Maps Pin here.

Entrada del Museo de Bichos
A Bar at the Entrance to the Bug Museum

1Entrance and Prices to the Museum

First, they must pay attention to the entrance. Yes, there is a sign, but it looks like a bar. Sure, because it’s a bar. That we loved it. It has craft beers at a very good price. In fact, they are very passionate about beer. You can ask for recommendations and they have countless options.

In the background is the entrance to the bug museum and the only thing we did was take courage. Admission is $50 pesos. They open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mi amigo en el Museo de Los Bichos
Hugging My Friend at the Bug Museum Queretaro

2The Museum

The place is incredible. Super decorated. It has more than 2000 species from all parts of the world. Everything is fully explained on the walls. In any case, the Entomologist Jesús Puente accompanied us all the time. A very passionate person who all the time was explaining and educating us about insects. Breaking myths and beliefs that we have about these little ones. You’d be surprised how wrong we are with insects.

Additionally, they let you pass with your beer. Courage you need to give hugs.

Tarántula en el Museo de Bichos e Insectos en Querétaro
Posing with a Tarantula at Bug and Insect Museum Queretaro

3Museum Interaction

They have very interesting species. Asian cockroaches, like the ones we see on TV. Different spiders. You can see the black widow live. All alive and ready to go through your hands.

Of course, as you can see in the photo, always with a “chelita” beer in hand, otherwise it would not be possible with my own value. It is very interesting. Also, try cockroaches and other species.

I shared my experience as an adult with no knowledge of insects. And it is a complete opportunity to learn new things about species that we live with at home every day. You learn to lose fear. Without a doubt, as adults, it helps you to take courage. And if you have children, it is the best way to make them grow without unnecessary fear and greater knowledge.

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bug-and-insect-museum-queretaroEl Museo de Bichos e Insectos en Querétaro está súper. Te gusten o no los insectos, lo recomiendo. Puedes tomar a dentro y te dará una concepción diferente de los insectos.