Dady O Cancun

Dady O Aztec Show
The aztec Show in Dady O with the phrase "The Place to be Seen"

Dady O Cancun is the oldest club in Cancun and one of the classics. Although Mandala has become more famous for national tourists, Dady will always be the home of Thursday’s Bikini Contest and the famous Sabadady.

As a note: I know that dady spells with double d (daddy), but that’s how they write it.

The Classic Dady’O Cancún

Although it is the oldest club in Cancun, it does not look like an old place. It has had many renovations throughout these years. Dady is a club with two floors and different sections. Generally, the most popular sections are the private ones on the side. There will be a “nice” section in the middle, that actually looks good, but don’t take them, they get too crowded. Just the tables at the beginning of the hall might be okay.

This club hosts monthly events with invited DJ’s. In Spring Break they are not far behind. Despite The City has the headline events, Dady O also enters the scene on the Spring Break schedule.

Also in summer, they bring reggaeton concerts and stars of the moment. Generally urban music.

Entrance, Price and Reservations for Dady O Cancún

The disco prices are varied depending on where you buy it. Buying an open bar (entrance with unlimited drinks) directly at the hotel or at the entrance to the disco is more expensive. It costs $75USD. The online price is around $70 – $65USD. I recommend a local agency that gives prices starting at $55USD. It is from I highly recommend it because besides offering cheaper prices, they give you a reserved table at no extra cost. Groups larger than 4 get a free welcome bottle. And for groups larger than 8 people, they give free transportation to the disco. Of course, this does not apply on event days.

I recommend that you buy the open bar and arrive early and even pre-do it in the club. Because only the cover or ticket costs $35usd. Drinks inside cost $10usd each. So with two drinks, you are already paying the same. I recommend the open bar without a doubt.

Vida Nocturna de Cancún en Dady' O
Cancun Nightlife in Dady O


It is located in Party Center Cancun or better known as Forum. Exactly at Km. 9.5 of the Cancun Hotel Zone in front of Coco Bongo.

Dady O Cancun Dress Code

Unlike the other clubs in Cancun, Dady O does have a dress code. It is true that you can enter with casual clothes. But the better you look, the better chances you have of passing. But you can also purchase a ticket online and get the fast line.

I am asked a lot if it is difficult to enter Dady, but honestly, it is not. Unless you are already drunk, you are not looking well or if you go with a very large group without having anything purchased.

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