Cancun Nightclubs Prices

Cancun Nightclubs Prices
Bracelets Vendors outside of Mandala offering Cancun Nightclubs Prices

Cancun is a city full of sun, sand and parties. Well known for its clubs. But the question always is about Cancun Nightclubs Prices.

“if life gives you limes, prepare a mojito”

¿What are Cancun Nightclubs Prices?

To define the price or the cost of these clubs accurately, it is necessary to make clear that there are different areas in Cancun with a wide range of prices and environments. So I will divide the zones into three and order them by popularity.

1Cancun Hotel Zone Nightclubs Prices

Dady O Cancun Show Azteca
The aztec Show in Dady O with the phrase “The Place to be Seen”

We start with the most famous, well-known, and crowded area. That place where the unbeatable Spring Break makes events and concerts in the pure Miami style. Even Better!

This place is called the Party Center. This is where the most famous clubs are. Dady O, Sr. Frogs, The City, Coco Bongo, and more. Without a doubt, the most fun and wild. Everything is in here. They are inclusive and all-inclusive nightclubs. Once you arrive at The Party Center, you will find “Bracelets Vendors” that will try to sell you the tickets from $70-90 USD, depending on how much you bargain. Coco Bongo costs from $80-100 USD. They include a free open bar until 3:00 am. These being the cheapest tickets. You can buy the entrance cover for $35 USD, but the drinks inside are around $10 USD each. I think the open bar is worth the price. All clubs work the same.

Due to the new restrictions, I recommend you to buy this Nightclub Tour from Viator because it includes the visit to 3 clubs for almost the same price. Also, Viator has protection for the customer, which allows you to get a full refund in case you have a change of plans.

Although there are VIP areas at the Party Center clubs, there are also even more exclusive and expensive clubs in other areas of the Hotel Zone, such as HRoof. In which the entrance cover is $100USD and they work as a credit for drinks. It has a fancy dress code. But for clubs like that, Miami is better. Even CDMX. You do not need to book unless you want a table on a Special Event’s day.

2Cancun Center Nightclubs Prices

Distrito Cavana Cancún
Distrito Cavana in Cancun Center

The downtown area of Cancun is very varied. It has very cheap places, from $8 USD open bar. The mere center has latin clubs and many bars. However, if you go to Puerto Cancun, there is usually no cover fee and bottle prices start from $100 USD approximately. It is also not necessary to book unless there is a special event.

3Cancun Surroundings Nightclubs Prices

Finally, we go to Cancun surroundings. Where, honestly, I do not know much. But I want to think that the clubs are very affordable as in Cancun Center a cheap Open Bar start at $8 USD.

As you can see, Cancun is very chill. Undoubtedly, multiculturalism and tourism have made Cancun a very inclusive city that has replicated these values in the party. The Party Center may be a bit of a high investment, but I recommend it.