Travel Visa to Europe

Travel Visa to Europe
My brother and I going to Europe with no Travel Visa to Europe

Guess what? We’ll all need a Travel Visa to Europe from 2021! It is not a racist determination. All countries outside of the European Union will need to apply for this permit.

Actually there are 62 countries that can access to Schengen area only with your passport. However, starting in January 2021, all countries will need to apply for an ETIAS visa. This implementation was made thinking of increasing the security of the ETIAS countries.

How to Get a Travel Visa to Europe

Luckily, it will be very easy and fast to get yours. It is as simple as applying online with only your passport from your country. The cost to get your visa will be $7 Euros and you will get an email confirmation in case your visa is approved or denied.

The visa will have a validity of 3 years that you will be able to use to visit Europe for up to 90 days. As many times as you wish. Pretty much the same rights we have right now, but with one small step before.

It is very important for you to know this information as if you are planning to visit Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, and more, you won’t like to get rejected after all the money that this involved. You can check the status of your country on the official ETIAS VISA WEBSITE to see also, what’s the best way to apply and how to prepare yourself.

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