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ositioning a page of your website is as simple as having a good SEO content. Many professionals focus on highly technical aspects that can be easily solved with good value content.

It should be remembered that it will be increasingly difficult to position yourself on the web while there is more competition, so it will be necessary hire a specialist. However, you can always try the following essential rules:

1Generate valuable content

You have to write relevant information for users. Things that are unique, that bring something special to the user that only you or your company can transmit.

I hope it does not sound very pretentious, but as content of value, I mean content like this. Because if you’re reading it, it’s because you find it interesting and you’re getting valuable information.

2Well-structured headers

Imagine that each page of your website is a book in which the <h1> is the title of this one. As simple as the keyword you want to position is the title. The <h2> tag must contain the keyword too. However, it should be more extensive and should focus on the entire content of that page. The following labels should separate the content by sections. As if they were chapters of a book.

3Internal and external links

It is very important to have links to relevant and reference information pages. As in case you need professional help, contact me. Definitely, the ideal is to generate links to within your website. But, to boost, it is recommended to have at least a completely different website.

4Responsible use of the keyword

It is not necessary to be repeating the keyword again and again. This practice can be counterproductive. You can use synonyms or parts of it to refer to it. In the case of this article is SEO content.

SEO de Contenidos
Content SEO Screenshot

5Image with keyword

You must have an image, in which, in your url and title your keyword is written. Ideally, represent your keyword in an appropriate way with this picture. However, it has much more merit to display an original image than a stock image. In this case, I did not know how to represent this article. So I am using a screenshot.

As you can see, doing SEO can be as simple as you want. But it is always necessary to know more technical things like page speed. You can measure them in the following links: GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, Think it with Google.

And what has attracted the most attention are the structured data from At the moment, Google has supported the labeling through Search Console, but it is better to do the labeling with all the parameters.

Depends on you to keep on learning about SEO or to hire a SEO audit to improve your pages and keywords in order to reach top positions. Hire Me Here.