Costa Maya Beach

Costa Maya Beach
An Amazing photo of Costa Maya Beach

Do you want to know how is Costa Maya Beach? Long story short, it is pure magic! Anyway, we should also know that there is a big difference between the Costa Maya Port and the Beach.

Costa Maya Port and Costa Maya Beach

Well, we have to be careful with this, as there is a port in Costa Maya. Place where cruises arrive and let passengers go down to enjoy the different activities, such as Mayan Ruins, Bacalar, or just laying by the amazing beach. So I will try to answer some frequently asked questions.

Mahahual Pool
Hand Fishing a piece of seaweed on the rocks of Mahahual
Mexico Car Rental Car
Driving by the beach on a Mexico Car Rental company

Where is located Costa Maya Beach

The beach is not far from the Port. It is actually not that far. But probably not close enough to walk there. I recommend you to take a taxi, or rent a golf car. Yes! It is possible to rent a golf car in Mahahual. Costa Maya is only the commercial name of Mahahual. But you can learn more about that here on my official Mahahual page. You can also find articles about restaurants, activities, and tips.

What to do?

There are many restaurants where you can take a seat. Also, beach clubs, and several diving shops. Honestly, what I like the most about Costa Maya’s beach is the beach itself. I love just to contemplate it.

You can lay there, eat. Or even find some innovative activities like the bicycle-kayaks.

Personally I found an empty beach with my girlfriend. It was located down the road. We bought some beer, fruit, and just enjoyed nature completely naked. The way god us brought us to Earth.

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