Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres is not a must

Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres Music
Live Music at Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres


average experience. If you are going to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, probably your first decision will be to take the Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres. It is the most common choice as they have plenty of boats, locations, and advertising.

They have nice ferries in general. Some of them are a little bit old and out of key. Ultramar is the fastest way to go to the island. But it is not the best for sure. This is my experience from one of the ways to go Isla Mujeres from Cancun.

Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres just another large company

Ultramar is a monster. A large fleet of boats and 5 locations. So if you buy a transfer to the island you will get it. And very fast. If you are in a rush this is for you. Nevertheless, I like to enjoy my trips and be treated as a person, not as a number.

Buying Tickets

Ultramar Tickets
Ultramar Tickets at Puerto Juarez

Even before you decide where to go, a group of 10 people will approach screaming “ULTRAMAR, ULTRAMAR” to pull you into the marina. Once you are inside, you have to make a line to buy tickets. Prices surround 15 to 20 USD roundtrip depending on the port you have arrived to. After that, you have to make a very long line to wait for your turn to go into the boat.

It is very annoying because the staff puts you into a line. But the “street vendors” have another line to let people go faster in order to complete their sell. You won’t care that much as your journey is starting. But now is your turn to go to the boat.

A nice ride to Isla Mujeres

View at Ultramar to Isla Mujeres
View at Ultramar to Isla Mujeres

There is not much to say. You can choose to go to the terrace or inside. You can buy beer and snacks at the boat. But it only takes around 15 minutes to arrive on the Island. The view is great. Not much to say.

The Hell or the way back from Isla Mujeres with Ultramar

Amiga at Ultramar Ferry
My new friend at Ultramar Ferry. She was playing with me as I was sitting on the floor

The way back is a mess. Lines over lines over lines. After you have been the whole day enjoying and maybe sunburnt, you arrive at a port with the longest line ever. Nobody is there to tell you where you should go.

You can only hear people screaming “Ultramar tickets here!”.  You wait even longer than on the way to the Island. You see how staff receive money to let people go in before, and the same way the vendors have their special line. There is a person in charge of counting the people that go into the boat. But the other staff will let people go through the back so when you get on the boat there are no seats available!

If you have time and you like local experiences, go to a fishermen’s pier at Puerto Juarez and better buy a small boat transfer. At least you will hear stories and recommendations. If you are still interested in Ultramar Ferry to Isla Mujeres, check the routes and fares at their official website here.

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