Cancun Cave Swimming

Cancun Cave Swimming
A Cenote for Cave Swimming only For Me

Cave Swimming in Cancun has become a very popular activity. And to be honest, one of my favorite ones. In fact, Cancun and in general the Mayan Area is known as the home for the longest underground rivers system of the world. So it can be as fantastic and as expensive as you choose.

Cancun Cave Swimming Options

There are different ways of doing this activity. That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. Actually, in all of them, you must pay. Most of them are now parks. Nevertheless, number 4 is an awesome option in case you have a lower budget:

1Rio Secreto

As the name says, Secret River is a super activity. You wear your helmet and you swim and explore through unbelievable underground landscapes. Rio Secreto’s entrance costs $79 USD per person. I wouldn’t say is a must, but I would say it is worth. I recommend the Plus Entrance for $99 USD. As a tip, it is cheaper to book Rio Secreto packages straight into Cancun Riviera Maya than directly into the official Rio Secreto Website.


Xcaret is an outstanding option. Awarded as the best theme park in the world. But not that recommended for cave swimming. However, if you go with your family, or with a larger group where each person wants to do something different, then this is the place. A little bit more expensive than Rio Secreto. Xcaret’s entrance costs $99 USD. If you want included transportation, is cheaper to book it with Cancun Riviera Maya. But if you have a car and you only want the entrance, the cheapest and easiest is to buy it on Xcaret’s Official Website.

3Cenote Kin-Ha

This cenote is practically another type of adventure park. It has several cenotes and it is perfect for cave swimming. It is like 40 minutes from Cancun and you can drive there. Also, you can use ATV’s, ziplining and lots of activities. You can enter 3 cenotes for $30 USD, some of them are caves. There is also a package with the ATV’s and Ziplines for $50USD. You can find packages with transportation for $59 USD here.

4Adventurous Cancun Cave Swimming

Take a car and go to “La Ruta de Los Cenotes” and try to find the best cave to swim. You can rent a car and just drive there. You can go to La Noria or ask for cenotes around. This highway is located right at Puerto Morelos. 40 km. of Cenotes, caves, and rivers. I recommend you to bring Mexican Pesos because Cenotes have a very bad exchange rate and you don’t want to pay the double price! Also, remember that there is no signal, no credit cards accepted.

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