Car Rental Cancun

Car Rental Cancun
Exploring Cancun and Riviera Maya with a car from a Cancun Car Rental

The Yucatan Peninsula is a giant place with many places to discover. To start with a Car Rental Cancun reservation is a very good option.

Rent a Car in Cancun at the best price

There are many reasons why renting a car in Cancun is a good idea. The compact car rentals in Cancun range from $5 USD to $15 USD per day, depending on the season. You must add the Car Protection, $ 10 USD to $ 25USD. I will explain how to find the best prices and how to get the most out of your money and experience. Also, you can check if booking tours is better than Renting a Car in my other article here.

1Rent the Car Online in a Mexican Domain

I recommend you rent your car from a Mexican website. Although there are international companies in Cancun, each one of them is governed by sales and organizational charts per country. So, if you book a Cancun Car Rental from a United States Website, it will be more expensive. They will charge the offices of Mexico their sales commission.

Once you are on the Mexican website, rent and pay your car online. You will save up 30% of the total price, approximately. This is because you save the commission from the airport vendors.

National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Europcar, Firefly from Hertz are in Cancun. Likewise, here is a friend’s company, in case you want to check prices out

2Rent your car for the Cancun International Airport office

Some people prefer to ask for car rental in city offices because there is an airport tax. Pay it! The Airport Tax, costs approximately $ 5USD. And for paying that money, you’ll save transportation to your hotel and back to the airport.

A taxi charges you $ 50USD, and the cheapest shared transportation costs $ 12USD per person. So, it pays to pay the airport tax and receive it the car at the Airport, since you can save enough dollars.

3Buy the Car Coverage Online

When renting a car in Cancun or anywhere in Mexico, it is necessary to have coverage, at least a basic one.

The basic coverage for Cancun Car Rentals includes Protection from Third Party Damage, Material Damage, and Theft. Generally, they handle it with 10% deductible. It costs around $10 USD per day.

In contrast, Full Coverage costs $ 25 per day. This protection includes what the basic, plus medical expenses and removes the deductible.

It is already a personal matter to choose. However, booking online saves you up to 50%.

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