Isla Mujeres All-Inclusive Tour

Isla Mujeres Tour form Cancun
Isla Mujeres Tour form Cancun with my friends

There are two ways to visit Isla Mujeres, taking a ferry to the island to explore or taking an Isla Mujeres All-Inclusive Tour. So take a look at what you will find.

Isla Mujeres All-Inclusive Tour Review

In general, as a good experience. It is a Catamaran all Inclusive Tour. And they split the people into catamarans depending on their language, and civil status. Usually, families go on a different boat from the booze. I recommend the one from ToursandClubs. However, you can always purchase it from your favorite agency.

First, you start with a “breakfast”. Only bread, juice, and coffee. And it is a 7-hour all-inclusive tour to Isla Mujeres. You get all you can drink on the sailboat. The boat goes directly to the coral reef. Meanwhile, the crew gives you the fins and the equipment.

Isla Mujeres Tour Food
A guy cooking for us at the Isla Mujeres’ Beach Club

Once you snorkel, the catamaran arrives at the beach club where you will have lunch. The food is not the best. Burgers, hotdogs, fish, tacos, fruit, and booze. Later, you can swim with a “shark” or a catfish, or just enjoy the beach club.

You stay around 2 hours at the beach club. After it, they bring you to the Isla’s Center. Where Playa Norte is located. You can chill there and rent a Golf Cart to explore Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres Sunset
Isla Mujeres Sunset

On the way back, it’s only drinking and partying. With a wonderful view, of course. You can choose between having fun with the rest of the passengers or relaxing and contemplating the landscape.

If you are not an explorer, I recommend you on taking this tour. You will visit beautiful places without making the effort to find nice places.

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isla-mujeres-all-inclusive-tourThe Isla Mujeres All Inclusive Tour I took was very fun. Food was not the best, neither the beach club. But it is practically Snorkeling and a party on the Island.