Estadio Azul

El Estadio Azul, the last stadium of the Maquina de la Cruz Azul. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico City, Colonia del Valle. It has been the headquarters of different teams such as América, Necaxa, Atlante and finally, the Celeste Machine. It was even home to the Mexican national team.

Estadio Azul
My friend from Singapore and I at the Blue Stadium

5 Unique Facts of El Estadio Azul

It was inaugurated in 1946 and its demolition has already been announced to carry out the construction of a shopping center. However, even if you are not a fan of Cruz Azul, this stadium was unique and majestic and if you ever visited it, you could realize these points.

1Privileged Pitch View

No matter where your seat was, you could see every detail of the match. Honestly, no stadium I’ve been to has had these characteristics.

The stairs were a challenge. Each step was narrower than those of a Mayan Pyramid and as tall as these. These fact made very difficult for the person in the front row to cover your sight. The only possible barrier was the “Beer Man”

2Unique and Familiar Enviroment

It is true that Cruz Azul is one of the “Biggest Four”. It has one of the biggest and toughest fans in the country. But that does not limit them to be the most respectful hooligans I’ve seen. You see children, entire families walking in there. But their respect does not minimize their strength. Regardless of the rival, you could appreciate a full stadium.

For this and more, there were City Tours to El Estadio Azul, so tourists could learn from Mexican Football.

3Food for ALL tastes and everyone

Unlike the other stadiums, El Estadio Azul, had a wide range of food. Of course there are stalls in all stadiums, but not as close at hand and with as much variety as in El Azul. But outside of the stadium because inside, the options are counted.

You might say: “In other stadiums, there is food outside as well”. But I emphasize, there is food for ALL tastes and everyone.

4Location in the City Centre

Located in the Heart of Mexico City. With many transportation routes to get there. Car, taxi, subway, metrobus, walking, whatever. This created a multicultural environment. Just look, I took my friend from Singapore. América played at El Estadio Azteca hours later but, because of the location, I preferred to take him to El Estadio Azul. This made El Azul perfect to observe different nationalities, besides from the foreign players.

El Estadio Azteca would have been a completely different experience, but when you are a tourist, transportation is a bit complicated.

5Presidential Seats

It was very curious to see people in the surrounding buildings with their shirts, snacks and even grills in their windows or terraces watching the games. The “submerged” architecture allowed the upper floors of the apartments to have a view of the stadium.

Curious and unique!

Maybe I’ll get in trouble for admitting it publicly, but I’m Americanista. So there is no bias or hidden love in this article. We must recognize what is worth recognizing.

If you could not visit it, it’s a shame. You have missed this and much more.