Cancun Hurricane Season

Cancun Hurricane Season
Cancun cloudy sky during Hurricane Season

Cancun Hurricane Season officially starts in May and finishes on November. However, the most dangerous months are September and October. Those are also the rainiest months in Cancun.

Is It Safe to travel to Cancun during Hurricane Season?

Of course. The last hurricane Cancun had was Hurricane Wilma, back in 2005. Before Wilma, it was Hurricane Gilberto in 1988. Cancun needed 17 years to get another hurricane. So, I can say that it is safe to visit Cancun during the Stormy Season. However, there is a large chance to find some rain. I also wrote a post about things to do in Cancun in the Rainy Season. If you have the chance to visit this part of Mexico, do it. It is also cheaper to come, as it is low season.

What to do in case of a hurricane in Cancun?

First, don’t worry. Your hotel will take care of the situation. They have already a plan to keep you safe. Keep your passport and IDs in a safe place and listen to all the instructions. Although the hotel will provide you some food, you should get a bit on your own. Mostly some snacks to spend the time, as there will be no electricity.

Also, try to get some cash. A hurricane just lasts a couple of hours. After that, it takes around a day for businesses to start to open again. Different to the United States, all buildings are made from concrete, so there’s no destruction. You can start eating from restaurants, as long as you have cash.

Call your airline to ask when you can take the next flight back home. Nevertheless, you should try to go to the beach. It’s amazing! A hurricane or storm always clean the environment.

Hurricanes in Mexico, especially in Cancun, are nothing to worry about. Hurricane Wilma is known for being one of the largest storms in the world’s history and we had 0 deaths. Our structure is very good.

How to get informed

You can stay informed through the NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER and CENTRAL PACIFIC HURRICANE CENTER based in Miami. That’s the one that is followed in Cancun, with the most reliable one.

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