Rent a Car or Book a Tour?

Rent a Car or Book a Tour
How it looks to be on a Tour Bus

When we travel, the question about if we should rent a car or book a tour always come to the surface. Both of them have their pros, cons. So here is my point of view.

Should I Rent a Car or Book a Tour

First of all, it depends on the goal. If you are willing to do a whole day activity or planning to get some drinks, you should better take a tour. Also, it is better if you are 2 persons, or you are by yourself, as you can meet other travelers. By this, I refer to places like DisneyXcaretSix Flags, etc.

In case you want to explore, or you are with a larger group, rent a car.

When should I take a tour?

  1. If you are by yourself. You can always meet other solo travelers. And it is a good way to start a friendship. You had the same idea to choose that tour. It is also cheaper than renting a car by yourself.
  2. If you are making a single activity. If it’s a long way to go and a long way back you should take a tour. To drive tired is very dangerous.
  3. If it has great reviews. I don’t like the quote “I don’t want to do touristic stuff”, because they are famous for a reason. Just be sure you are not booking a tourist trap.
Mexico Car Rental Car
Driving by the beach on a Mexico Car Rental company

When should I rent a Car

  1. If you are willing to explore. It is true that real explorers don’t need cars, but a car means freedom. You can find cool things.
  2. Cheaper if you are with other 3 persons at least. When you are a four-person group, renting a car becomes a cheaper transportation method.
  3. If you don’t like crowds. Definitely, if you don’t like to share, you know what to do. A tour is sharing your time with other people.

Anyway, you should also be sure that you know the rules of the country where you are driving. Also, what are the risks of doing it. I wrote a little bit about Renting a Car in Mexico.

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