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Mexico Car Rental Car
Driving by the beach on a Mexico Car Rental company

Explore the beauty of Mexico at your own pace. There are many Mexico Car Rental companies. And, renting a car is for sure something I recommend if you want to see around. Although, if you are going to parks, like Xcaret, Six Flags, Xel-Ha or alike, tours are a great option. Read about it here.

Mexico Car Rental Pros, Cons, and Tips

Once you have decided that you want to rent a car in Mexico there are some things that you should know.

Having a Beer while driving
Having a Beer while driving in a lost road

1Renting a Car in Mexico is Weird but Fun

Depending on the city, the driving experience is different. Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara are metropolises. Besides those cities, the experience will be the same. Not a lot of signs, or not even real rodes. But it is fun because you can found very beautiful places and you can have a beer meanwhile.

2Lots of Police Filters on Highways

There are a lot of police filters on the highways. They inspect with dogs. Nothing to worry about as long you are not doing anything wrong.

Eating a Mango in Mahahual
Eating a Mango while driving in Mahahual

3Book online in Mexican Domains

I worked for a very large International Car Rental Company. Although you can book on any website, better book on a “Mexican” one. National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Europcar, Firefly from Hertz are the most famous. They are all good. If you will rent a car in Cancun I need to promote a friend’s business: Just being a good friend.

Also, buy the car rental insurance online. It will be cheaper. You don’t need the full coverage. Don’t listen to the salesmen.

4Drive Slow on Country Roads

In Mexico, we have a lot of villages. So keep this in mind. People are not used to receiving cars on these roads. If you are driving fast, you are dangerous for people.

Don’t be afraid to drive in Mexico, it is a cool experience. If you get the right Mexico Car Rental Company with proper insurance coverage, there is nothing to worry about.

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