Cancun Fishing

Cancun Fishing

Is Cancun Fishing a good idea?

Fishing is a very complex sport. You could tell is a team sport due to the need for a good engine, equipment, crew, and your own skills. Let me tell you something, Cancun fishing is a great idea as long as you choose a good company and a good fishing season in Cancun.

The first question of all fishermen is “Is Cancun a good fishing spot?”. If you like Blue Marlins it is. And I have a great recommendation for you. First of all, departing time.

Departing time

In some places, fishing is good at night. Nevertheless, Cancun is not like that. The best time to start your journey is 6:00 am. Regardless of what tour providers and agencies say, 6:00 hours is perfect. Usually, agencies will try to make an appointment at 7:00. It is a good time if you want to make some recreational fishing. It will make it more comfortable for everybody.

If you like the big game fishing, you will need at least an 8-hour fishing. Try to make a special request to depart at 6:00. The best fishing spots are located from one and a half to two hours away from land.

My Cancun Fishing Experience

I had amazing fishing with Mariano. He’s the owner of some boats. Also, the captain.

After one hour abroad, we were ready for fishing. 8 reeds and reels were ready to be used. They told me they had reinforced vanadium hooks. I didn’t even check, it was all ready.

I fished 2 Barracudas and 1 Tuna Fish. As I am not a professional, I just can say I had a lot of fun and I was very drunk as Mariano includes beer, sodas, water, and some dry snacks.


I would definitely recommend Mariano. He owns different-size boats. So, depending on the catch you are looking for is the boat that you can book. However, even if you book the smallest boat you will definitely catch a Barracuda.

He just opened his website and it is actually cheaper. Take a look here