Cancun Rainy Season

Cancun Rainy Season
Cancun beach with some clouds during Rain Season

It’s worth knowing that Cancun has a rainy season. It is important to know that we have the 40 hottest days of the year in August. Once the dog days are over, Cancun rainy season starts! September and October are the most rainy months. They are also the most dangerous months talking about hurricanes. However, these months are the cheapest ones to come to this amazing beach.

Things to do in Cancun Rainy Season

Cancun is known for being a place to enjoy the sun, the beach, and some cultural attractions. So, here are some things to do in Cancun in the rain.

Cave Swimming

If you didn’t know, Cancun is known for having one of the largest underground river systems of the world. So if you are on Cancun wet season and its raining, you can easily go to one of these caves. There are even some parks. This activity is perfect for this weather and absolutely amazing. I recommend this activity even if there is sunshine. However, sun or rain, it makes no difference. You can read more about Cancun Cave swimming here.

Cancun Cave Swimming
A Cenote for Cave Swimming only For Me

Mayan Ruins

Go to the Mayan Ruins. Any of them. I think it is better to prepare a bit for warm rain than a very sunny day. The benefits of going to the Mayan Ruins on a rainy day is that if you were at Cancun for a nice tan, you will keep it. If you go on a sunny day, you might get the sun sleeves. It is always up to you.

Chichen Itzá de Noche
Chichen Itza en la noche. El espectáculo con luces rosas.


Go to a nightclub or a bar. Cancun is also known for its nightlife. So you should better give it a try. Even if it’s raining, the party will take place. Cancun has one of the largest nightclubs in America. So, imagine how great the party is. If you are interested in Cancun Nightclubs, read more here.

The City Cancun at SpringBreak
The City Cancun at SpringBreak

You can always go to the movies, bars, and restaurants. But those are things you would do back home. Cancun has a lot to offer.

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