Things to Do in Mahahual
Our feet at the beach while we were thinking of Things to Do in Mahahual

Mahahual is a heavenly place. One of my favorites. Reminds me of Tulum some years ago. It is a hidden treasure still. And is true that while the more people know about this place the more likely will be to lose its charm. like Holbox Holbox. That’s what I think, as I was born in Quintana Roo. But that does not stop me from writing this guide of what to do in Mahahual so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

5 Things to Do in Mahahual

1Walk the whole pier

Mahahual Beach

The boardwalk of Mahahual has the most beautiful and clean beach. No sargassum. Every morning, workers arrive to do the cleaning. There are lands where they accumulate this seaweed so that it does not bother you while you swim and relax at the edge of the beach. Although there are beach clubs and restaurants, there are also free areas for you to relax without problems.

2Take a picture on the Mahahual sign at night

Mahahual de noche
Mahahual Night Sign

Right at the entrance to Mahahual, there is a sign. The same type that have become very famous throughout Mexico. The Mahahual’s sign is distinctive since it has a sailfish above. Make your best pose and take the picture. They are the ones that become unforgettable. By day it is obviously very nice, but at night you get a whole different atmosphere.

3Swim in the pools beside the Mahahual lighthouse

Alberca en Mahahual
Hand Fishing a piece of seaweed on the rocks of Mahahual

Right by the Mahahual’s sign, there is a lighthouse. Next to this lighthouse, there is a small path. It’s mainly for cars. But if you take your time to walk it, you find some wonderful pools. You can relax there and feel like a castaway in paradise.

4Explore la Costa Maya of Mahahual

Explorar en Mahahual
Drinking a beer at an abandoned truck in Mahahual

If you do not find what to do in Mahahual, put some beer together and take an adventure on the Costa Maya. I assure you that you will find beautiful beaches and views for incredible photos.

5Try Recreational Activities

Actividades en Mahahual
Kayakcycle in Mahahual

There are all kinds of activities. Diving, snorkeling with turtles, kayaks and many other things. You can even go swimming very far. It is not deep at all. But I recommend entering with shoes because you can get hurt in the way. You do not have to pay to have fun in Mahahual.