Cancun Weather


Cancun Weather: Sunscreen or Umbrella?

Cancun Weather is one of the best ones in the world. In few words “IT IS ALWAYS WARM!”. It does not matter in what season of the year you decide to visit, sunscreen will always be important. I recommend to always apply it constantly through the day because sweat and swimming will make it go away.

Even though Cancun has “no seasons”, it has some significant changes through the year. That’s why we are going to help you with the weather during the year.


Spring Break! It is a good time to come to Cancun. It is the time when it is too cold in the northern side of the world. But temperature would be around 80’s Fahrenheit. Not to hot.


You must be careful with this time of the year. It is a very hot period of the year. Temperature can be over the 100’s Fahrenheit and humidity up to 100%. Unless you like to sweat and long swims, this is not time for you. Added to this, the winds from the south are constantly arriving to Cancun, making it hard to do aquatic sports.


Rainy season? It depends on your luck! That’s right. In Cancun, rain is not common. However, during Autumn, if the weather conditions make the city rain, it won’t stop for a week. This happens twice in a year, so it’s definitely about luck. Temperature is around 80’s Fahrenheit.


My favorite time of the year in Cancun! Temperature is 80’s Fahrenheit during the day, but it can go down to 70’s Fahrenheit during the nigh. Perfect to enjoy the beach, sun bath and dress up at night for the party. Couple days a year we get 60’s but it is funny as you will see people with snow jackets.