How to Find the Best Cenotes in Mexico

The Best Cenote in Mexico
The Best Cenote in Mexico

There are more than 10 thousand cenotes in Mexico. So, asking to list the best ones is a very difficult task. What I can do is to write a guide on how to find the best cenotes in Mexico in only four steps.

A Cenote Cave only For Me
A Cenote Cave only For Me

4 steps to find the best cenotes in Mexico

If you have searched for cenotes before, you will know that the most beautiful cenotes are in the Mayan Area. More concrete, in Quintana Roo and Yucatán. However, almost none of these cave pools are found within cities such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen. And if they are, they are not so pretty.

Car Rental Cancun
Exploring Cancun and Riviera Maya with a car from a Cancun Car Rental

1Have your own transportation method

Practically, dispose of a car. It is the only way to reach these remote places. There are some cenotes that you will be able to reach with a motorcycle. But you must consider that you’ll pass through stone paths. Once I met a Dutch old man who did this on his bike, but he is at another level. You should rent a car.

It is possible to find beautiful cenotes using public transportation. This is a list of some of those cenotes to facilitate your search: Gran Cenote, Garden of Eden, Cenote Azul, Caleta Tankah.

Valladolid Downtown Park
A Picture of Valladolid Downtown Park with the Cathedral behind

2The Cenotes are close to the Mayan villages, so take the free road

In Mexico, we have toll highways. Google Maps uses these highways. Even if you’re already on the Free Road, Google Maps will recommend you go back on the toll highway. So, you will have to rely on your skills.

The Mayans used the Cenotes to obtain water. That’s why these caves were sacred. The villages still use the cenotes for agriculture and farming, so you can find beautiful cenotes, managed by these same people.

Cenote Sign
A sign bringing you to Cenote Maya

3Trust the “informal” signs, they are generally the best cenotes

If while driving, you see small and informal signs that say “CENOTE”, give it a try. Generally, they are very cheap cenotes, since they are not touristic ones. They are gold. You can visit 5 of these cenotes with the same amount of money that you would pay for a famous one.

A Cenote Guide
Walking through caves and Cenotes with Mayan Guides

4Ask the people from the villages for The Best Cenote in Mexico

The same villagers go these cenotes to have fun. They go to these Mayan pools without paying since they know each other. I would say they are true experts. Chatting with people is the best way to find these underground rivers. You must speak Spanish as nobody speaks another language but Mayan.

Go ahead and Explore. You will not regret.

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