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Cenote La Noria

Cenote la Noria
Inside Cenote La Noria

Cenote La Noria is one of the most beautiful cenotes I have visited. It is located on the municipality of Puerto Morelos. Closer to Leona Vicario than to Puerto Morelos, but if you come from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, it is easier to reach the Cenotes Route, from the entrance of Puerto Morelos. We met Claudio , that thanks to him, we had the best time.

Cenote La Noria Information

Cenote La Noria is a closed cenote . Which means that it is underground. You need to go down stairs or jump flat to get there. It is one of the perfect activities when it rains in Cancun .

Way to Cenote la Noria

La Noria Location

This beautiful underground cave is located on the famous Ruta de Los Cenotes. If you enter the side of Puerto Morelos, which is the most common, the street you must take is on the left. It is close to the km. 25 of the Cenotes Avenue. The street you enter is paved, beautiful. It is called Av. KinHa. Approximately 5 km. there is a sign that tells you where to go. From there, it is 2 km. of soil road. Everything is marked, no problems. Anyway, Google Maps does its job. See the map here.

Cenote’s Prices

La Noria prices are established. Although in my YouTube video , I mentioned that the price is $300 pesos, without negotiating, the truth is that $300 Pesos is the price. You can’t negotiate. But it is worth.

Prices for locals, showing an ID is $200 pesos.

Cenote la Noria Panoramic
Cenote la Noria Sign


My recommendation is to bring food, ice cream and things to have a good time. They sell coconuts, sodas and beer. But nothing better than going well prepared. There is a place to change, toilet paper and everything is very clean. It is worth mentioning that the cenote is in the middle of the jungle. So do not expect luxury facilities. However, I mention hygiene, because there is no unpleasant experience in this Cenote, don’t worry.

Do not forget to bring repellent and biodegradable blocker. Because everything that enters the cenote water, we will consume it in the future.

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